Geospatial Mapple is a registered partnership firm serving the geospatial industry since 2014 located in the “City of Nawabs” – Lucknow, which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh, India. Since then we are actively involved in imparting Education to students of Graduation and Post-graduation, Research scholars and professionals both government and non-government about Geospatial Technology which involves Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System(GIS) and Global Navigation satellite system (GNSS) popularly known as GPS (Global positioning system) and surveying. We are involved in conducting seminars, hands on trainings, workshop and awareness programmes related to Geospatial Technology for different schools, colleges, Universities and other government and Non-government organisations. We also organize capacity building programs.

Geo-spatial Mapple also deliver the expert data collection, management, and analysis that drive projects across all disciplines in the specialized field of Geospatial Technology—from infrastructure to natural resources and everything in between. We offer high-quality remote sensing services and GIS to deliver accurate data that you need to make decisions. M/s Geo-spatial Mapple caters the data collection to our clients’ needs so you have a comprehensive data that works for you. We expertly collect data, perform surveys, digitize, does ground truth verifications,  analyze, and manage data, and prepare maps and reports for all the infrastructure to natural resources and everything in between.

We are involved in conducting various seminars, training programs, hand-on exercises, workshops and awareness programs for students, research scholars, teachers, and working professionals to prepare a GIS skilled workforce to meet the requirements of the Remote Sensing and GIS industry at various levels. The training, education, and capacity-building programs of the Institute are designed to have a number of teachers and students enabled with Geospatial skills that are much in demand across various sectors leading to exciting careers. The duration of courses ranges from one d to six months.

The institute is well equipped with the latest open-source GIS software and tools currently used in the mapping industry.

Our team consists of strong, multi-disciplinary, and solution-oriented research professionals that focus on developing improved methods/ techniques for processing, visualization, and dissemination of EO data & geospatial information for various applications and a better understanding of Earth’s system processes.

We strive to achieve a better world by creating a Geo-spatial solution for our clients and trainees and for society at large. We endeavor to achieve this through the proactive engagement of our associates, working professionals, and society to solve the existing environmental problems our society is facing. We believe in a collaborative model and work with multiple partners that include educational institutes, NGOs, the government, and corporates.


The mission of Geospatial Mapple is to assist, educate, coordinate and guide the implementation, development and maintenance of Remote Sensing and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology throughout the globe
Our primary goals and objectives are to:

  • Support and promote the GIS profession throughout the country.
  • Assist and educate GIS professionals by providing opportunities for training, networking, information sharing, presentations, and other forms of professional development.
  • Contribute towards the development, implementation and maintenance of GIS.
  • Foster a spirit of cooperation among local, state and other agencies, educational institutions and the private sector in addressing priority GIS issues and data development initiatives for the betterment of the society.
  • Conduct regular meetings, conferences, and technical workshops for the exchange of information and to exhibit products and services.
  • Educate the general public about the nature and benefits of geographic information and related technologies.
  • Publish documents, produce educational materials, and promote education pertaining to Geospatial Technology (Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS and Photogrammetry)



Our vision is to grow a professional society that promotes GIS as an industry and helps to further increase opportunities for GIS professionals. The firm welcomes and encourages additional involvement from government administrators, managers and other geospatial technology professionals.


Trust & Integrity :
Honour customer trust with dedication and customized solutions
Quality & Excellence :
Constant Skill, Process, Technology improvement coupled with impeccable quality
Leadership & Collaboration :
Empower, Envision and Engage the workforce

  •  A strong strategy, design and functioning capability
  •  Provide bespoke solutions
  •  Strong customer relationship and satisfaction
  •  Competitive prices
  •  Value for money proficient working practices
  •  Quality assurance & responsibility
  •  An experienced multi-disciplinary team from a range of sectors